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General Report of TC 211. Ground Improvement.

The present General Report highlights the significant contributions of the papers of the Session of the XVIII ICSMGE dedicated to Ground Improvement. All papers that have been reviewed are referred (in bold) in the General Report in order to provide a balanced overview of the entire Technical Session. This General Report discusses the latest developments and current researches in the field of Ground Improvement (GI) works. The various GI techniques are classified considering the recent classification proposed by Chu et al. (2009). The papers are then tackled according to the described GI technique and with regard to the topics that are assessed: execution process, mechanical characterization of the treated material (in laboratory or in situ), case history, Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) activities and design aspects. Conceptual works and numerical modeling are supported by laboratory and field investigations - with in situ monitoring and large scale tests. Finally, other references on the topics discussed are also given in the report.



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