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Crack Openings Determination of SFR Concrete.

Cracking process is a common source of disaster for slabs on grade. Steel fibre reinforced concrete has been used since a long time to avoid large cracks for instance in long slabs. The advantages of SFRC for slabs on grade in terms of workability, working time and structural resistance are well known but no reference test and design methods exist. This is of importance to determine the effects of the drying shrinkage on the cracking behaviour. This lack of reference method was one problem the UE decided to try to solve by funding a European research programme to determine test and design methods for steel fibre reinforced concrete. Within the 10 European partners involved in this research the Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) was chosen to achieve a full-scale validation of a design procedure proposed by Stang & Olesen [3] for the control of shrinkage induced cracks. This paper deals with the potential utilization of the procedure mentioned above to calculate crack openings and crack inter-distances.



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