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Survey on the mechanical properties of SSC: 20 years of research.

For more than 20 years now, research has been conducted on the applicability, mix design, rheology, durability and other relevant properties of selfcompacting concrete (SCC). The number of projects focusing on the mechanical behaviour of the material however, is rather limited although most researchers are reporting compressive strength and/or other mechanical properties of the tested selfcompacting concretes. To be able to get an overall idea of the performance of SCC with regards to the mechanical aspects, a database has been constructed which includes information on the mix design, fresh properties and hardened properties. This database gathers results of more than 175 papers from all over the world. It can be used to provide information on mix proportions, the ranges of applicability, ... . Furthermore the influence of different parameters (supplementary cementitious materials, uncrushed vs crushed materials, cement type, ...) on e.g. fc,cub can be analysed. In this paper an overview is given on the applied ranges of mix proportions, mean values of cube and/or cylinder compressive strengths, tensile strengths and Young's modulus. Further analysis of the data will allow to compare existing models developed for conventional vibrated concrete with the results for self-compacting concrete.



Desnerck (P.)
Van Itterbeeck (P.)
Boel (V.)
Craeye (B.)
De Schutter (G.)

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