TC 211 Workshop Edinburgh 2015

Progress in QC/QA for GROUND IMPROVEMENT works Design, Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Quality Control of Ground Improvement Works by In Situ testing. Case Studies in Portugal, Togo, Poland, UAE and Qatar
A. Viana da Fonseca Download PDF
In-situ Testing for Quality Assurance in Permafrost N. Volkov, R. Jewell Download PDF
Quality Control of Ground Improvement by in-situ and laboratory testing H. Van de Graaf Download PDF
Calibration of rigid inclusion parameters based on pressumeter test results J. Racinais Download PDF
Real-time quality monitoring and result verification by static and dynamic trial loading of piles in marine clay J. Wehr, M. Andreas, B. Böhle, M. Schallert Download PDF
Soil improvement techniques - Bypass Mechelen W. Maekelberg Download PDF